Artist Statement

  Mrs Tassiou compositions, which display a  sense of movement, are abstract and elemental, reminding one of earth, sea, and sky. The shapes she uses have an organic quality and they can adapt and re-form to fit other spaces. As an artist,she likes to re-envision her work,and most of the time she tears apart and reposition elements of her previous work to re-invent them and allow them to evolve . In this way her art is a route to discovery by using such objects.  
  She likes expressing the infinite.Her  wood panels,canvases and installations are usually large and layered. Pieces can be viewed as exploding or imploding, erupting or collapsing, regenerating or decaying.
  Sometimes she is trying  to capture a sense of cycles, metamorphosis, or rebirth. At other times, she is involved with the places where human emotions or act becomes primal forces.
  In this website, there is a combination of her recent selective pieces and older work.There is always connection the  previous subjects with her new innovative ideas, and she is using any conventional printing techniques to create complex multi-level artwork.
  Throughout the evolution of her art career, she has utilized a variety of techniques, as well as expressed a diversity of themes. The title and descriptions of her pieces are minimal for symbolic reasons.She believes the viewer’s imagination should find the quintessential meaning of her images and outlandish worlds. Furthermore, the viewer should also find their own commonalities within her work and develop their individual connection; thus she belives her art is open for interpretation.